How To Use The Test

Information on letter name and letter sound subtest

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ATLAS contains subtests of alphabet knowledge:

  • Alphabet knowledge:
    • Letter Names
    • Letter Sounds

To start a test, please click on “Start a New Test.” You can then select the subtests of interest. When you are ready, select “Launch Test.”


As of September 2022, alphabet knowledge subtests are being validated. Letter Names and Sounds items may have three picture options side by side (receptive, multiple-choice items). Or, they may have a single letter presented (expressive, yes-no items), then the assessor presses the green arrow and selects Yes or No to whether the child got the answer. The test then advances.

As each child takes a subtest, her results will appear using M-scores. The M-score is a rescaled score from 150 to 250, with a mean of 200 and standard deviation of 20. Scoring is based on Rasch item response theory, taking into account not only the child’s initial ability estimate but also the difficulty level of the items she took.

In order to compare a student’s score to other commonly used measures in the field, click on the Child’s ID.

No comparisons are provided for letter names or letter sounds at this time. Information about scoring for letter name and letter sound subtests can be found here.

Users can also select the button Class Metrics in the lower left to view graphs of subtest results for all students in a class. On the Class Metrics page, at the bottom, users can adjust the date range by specifying the start and end dates to display test results of interest and visualize children’s progress over time.