How To Use The Test

How to create classes and add children to ATLAS:

1. Go to The Google Chrome browser works best

2. Make an account — or Enter a username and password you have created. You will not have to verify your account, but will have immediate access.

3. Before children can be added, a class with a name needs to be made. To create a new class, press the Add Class button. Then, type in the new class name and hit submit.

4. Now that you have created a new class, click on the class name to add a student. You will then need to click on the Add Student button at the bottom right of the page.  


5. Choose a child ID. You can use a number or letters, but there may be no spaces in the ID.

6. Enter the child’s date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY).

7. Enter the child’s method of input (i.e., touchscreen or cursor).

8. Enter the level of instructions (Basic, Basic+, or Enhanced) based on the description provided below.

Select Basic if the child:

  • Knows basic early literacy concepts
  • Has few behavioral issues

Select Basic+ if the child:

  • May not be familiar with early literacy
  • Has one or two behavioral or cognitive challenges
  • Is a relatively independent test taker

Select Enhanced if the child:

  • May not be familiar with early literacy
  • Needs behavioral supports
  • Benefits from individualized task presentation

9. Click Add Student.

10. To start a test, please click on “Start a New Test.” You can then select the subtests of interest. When you are ready, select “Launch Test.”